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Christopher Harmon
The creative maverick and entrepreneurial spirit behind Harmon & Do is Christopher Harmon, a digital artist by training and a visionary by vocation. Christopher is on a mission to empower others to discover their true potential.

Christopher holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Art and Game Design, qualifications that have played a pivotal role in shaping the unique offerings of Harmon & Do. His academic background has been instrumental in creating a bridge between art and commerce, a concept that lies at the heart of our organization.

As a co-founder of Harmon & Do, Christopher's role extends beyond the traditional boundaries of leadership. He is a connector, building relationships with our clients and understanding their aspirations to create tailored digital assets that drive their businesses forward. He is also an empathetic communicator, using insightful questioning to unearth the roots of obstructing habitual patterns and pave the way for growth and success.

Christopher's entrepreneurial journey is fueled by his passion for facilitating self-awareness and knowledge in an evolving world. He firmly believes that many are facing the risk of being left behind in our current race towards progress, and it is his mission to ensure that no talent goes unnoticed or potential unfulfilled.
Leah Do is the person behind the H&D concept and has been the company’s creative strategist before becoming a co-founder of Harmon & Do, where her passion for art and business converge to deliver innovative solutions for the creative industry. A versatile multimedia artist with an extensive background in photography, filmmaking, traditional painting, and poetry, Leah brings a unique blend of artistic flair and business aspirations to the team.

Leah holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts degree in Arts Leadership and Management, expanding her understanding of the intersection between arts, business, and organizational management. Her innate ability to discern beauty in every facet of the world has been instrumental in shaping the vision and aesthetic of Harmon & Do.

Driven by the desire to elevate industry standards, Leah co-founded Harmon & Do. Her commitment to excellence, combined with her artistic sensibilities, plays a significant role in the company's ambitious outlook. Leah's leadership style, deeply rooted in her core values of authenticity, creativity, and audacity, inspires the team to push boundaries and redefine norms.

Outside of her professional life, Leah is a global traveler, constantly seeking new sources of inspiration and exploring different cultures. This global perspective enriches her work and fuels her commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment at Harmon & Do. To explore more about Leah's artistic journey and her portfolio, please visit https://leahdo.com.


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